Barangolj a képernyődön! Fedezd fel Csíkszeredát és környékét gömpanorámák segítségével, a számítógéped elől. Válassz tematikus túrát vagy kedvenc helyszínt, nézz körbe, és érezd jól magad nálunk.
Kóstolj bele a csíki hangulatba! A Csíki hangulatok egy közösségi gyűjtemény, melyben egyrészt régi képeslapok, mai életképek és csíki ízek között válogathatsz, másrészt pedig Te magad is bővítheted a gyűjteményt.
Gyarapítsd a Csíki Hangulatok galériát! Segíts Te is, hogy ízelítőt adjunk a látogatóknak a vidék hangulatából: tölts fel régi csíki fényképeket, képeslapokat, készíts fényképet Így élünk mi / Csíki életképek témában, oszd meg velünk kedvenc csíki ételed receptjét, fotóját.
Barangolj térkép alapján! Nézd meg térképen az összes helyszínt, amelyről gömbpanoráma készült, szűrd a helyszíneket témák szerint, tudj meg többet az egyes helyszínekről, válassz gömbpanorámát.
What programs do I need/are recommended to navigate on the website?

In order to view our website it is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome however any type of browser is suitable to see /view the page. In case you wish to open a spherical panorama picture you will need Adobe Flashplayer. If you get an error message when opening a panorama picture, you will need to install the Adobe Flashplayer which can be downloaded from the following link:

What is a panorama picture?

A panorama picture is an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding the observer. It is a wide angle picture, being built up from several photos made by the horizontal movement of the camera from a given point. The word has a Greek origin: ‘pan’ = all; ‘horama’ = sight; Panorama = sees everything.

What is a spherical panorama OR a 360° panorama?

A picture created from several photos taken by the rotating movement of the camera. After joining the photos the spherical panorama gives you the impression that you are standing in the middle of a globe which displays all the photos taken on its internal wall. It gives you the feeling that you are part of the scene where turning around your head you can see all the sceneries. The spherical panorama is an interactive picture, which can be rotated by moving the mouse, allowing us to look to the left-right, up and down, while we can also zoom in the details which are more interesting for us.

How does a spherical panorama work?

  • Rotating: left click and movement of the mouse; using the arrows on the keyboard OR using the control keys on the panorama
  • Zoom in/out: mouse roll OR Ctrl/Shift OR +/- buttons/keys
  • Full screen
  • Information box: all information related to the content of the panorama can be found in the information box located in the top left corner of the screen. By clicking on the right arrow of the box it can be hidden or unhidden. The content of the box can be scrolled up and down by clicking on the up and down buttons (arrows) of the scroll bar on the right side; otherwise we can scroll the bar by using the left mouse button and moving the mouse at the same time.
  • Control Bar: the control bar on the bottom of the screen includes the scenes in a virtual tour as well as the control keys
  • Hiding and un-hiding the control bar and the information box
  • Using the photos:
    • Changing the scene: by clicking on the photo of the selected scene/panorama
    • Scrolling of the photos from the left to right and vice versa: by using the left mouse button and moving the mouse to the left/right
    • Hiding and un-hiding the photos
  • Using of the control keys
    help alternating in between the previous and the next panorama
    help hiding and un-hiding the photos
    help hiding and un-hiding the map
    help left, right, up and down
    help zoom in and zoom out
    help full screen and escape from full screen
    help help
    help hiding and un-hiding the control bar
  • Changing to the next panorama
    • By clicking on the selected scene from the photos located on the bottom of the spherical panorama picture,
    • By clicking on the direction indicating buttons in the panorama,
    • By clicking on the previous or on the next control keys,
    • Un-hiding the map help and clicking on the icon indicating the selected scene
  • Exit from the panorama:
    • Back to the main page – click on the Csik 360 logo in the top right corner of the screen
    • Back to the website, to the site of the virtual tour – click on the name of the tour located above the scroll bar
    • Closing the panorama window – click on the ‘x’ in the top right corner of the window

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour consists of a series of spherical panorama pictures which are linked according to a given theme. In the virtual tour we can view all scenes OR we can explore a building by using the direction indicating arrows present in the panorama picture.

How can we switch in between the different scenes of a virtual tour?

  • By clicking on the direction indicating arrows in the panorama
  • By clicking on a selected scene from the listed photos on the bottom of the spherical panorama picture
  • By clicking on thehelp (previous),
    or help (next) button
  • By opening the map help and then by clicking on the icon indicating the selected scene.

What shall you know about the map?

You can see all panorama scenes under the map located on the main page and under the Map link. Maps under a virtual tour include the scenes of the selected virtual tour only. The signage used on the map include the following:
helpCity tour
helpArchitectural Monument
helpChurch Heritage
helpOld Locals
helpPublic Creations
helpWalk in the Nature
helpHealing Nature
helpCultural Scenes
helpActive Spare Time
helpLocal Products

How does the Map work?

  1. Identifying a scene: click on the icon indicating the scene – the information box will open/appear
  2. Viewing the panorama related to the scene - click on the ‘start’ button in the information window
  3. Closing the information window – click on the ‘x’ located on the top right corner of the window
  4. Zoom in/out – use the scroll of the mouse OR multiple click on the map
  5. Moving the map - left click on the mouse and moving the mouse OR by using the arrows on the keyboard

What type of contents can I upload on the website?

You can also add to the content of the website. Under the link named Local Spirits you can upload old local photos/post cards, local recipes, photos which capture old local scenes. In order to upload them please use the form uploaded under the following links: Csik the day before yesterday, Local Life Scenes, Local Tastes If you happen to face any issues please contact us.

What shall I know about the uploading conditions?

  1. We accept photos which have the following minimal specifications: 600 pixel W x 300 pixel H
  2. You can upload your own photos or other type of materials OR materials which does not have/need any copy right
  3. Photos or descriptions already existing on our website will not be accepted. In case we receive the same material for a given menu we will choose them on ‘first come, first serve’ basis
  4. Any information uploaded by you will be your own responsibility
  5. You cannot claim any type of remuneration for those materials which you sent in as a volunteer
  6. The credibility and the originality of the contents uploaded by you will not be double checked by the administrator, therefore none of the users can make him accountable for any possible damage generated from the data published on the website
  7. Your personal data (such as your email address) will not be disclosed to a third party. For the misusage of any public information on the website the administrator will not take the responsibility.
  8. The fact that the user did not read the above listed conditions will not excuse him/her from the responsibilities generated from a possible illegal or insulting act.

What shall I know about the uploading competition?

  1. The theme of the competition: there are three themes in which the users can upload their own OR free materials:
    1. Csik the day before yesterday: old photos and postcards of Csik
    2. Local Life Scenes: photos about how we live
    3. Local Tastes: photos of local food and recopies
  2. The duration of the competition: 2. the competition is scheduled from the 7th of February until the 28th of February 2013. Materials uploaded after the deadline, 28th of February 2013, will not be part of the competition however will be considered for the overall content of the website.
  3. The conditions to participate in the competition: Anyone can be part of the competition provided that he/she accepts all the conditions related to the uploading process (see above). One can participate in all three categories at the same time.
  4. 4. The winners: 4. there will be three winners in all categories; furthermore, there will be special awards based on a raffle draw:
    1. First prize: will be given to that uploaded material who will get the most ‘like’ on Facebook
    2. Second prize: will be given to that participant who will upload the largest amount of information on the website (information already existing on the page will not be considered)
    3. Third prize: will be allocated according to a public raffle draw (all participants name, regardless of the total number of uploads, will appear only once in the raffle draw)
    4. Special awards: will be selected in a public raffle draw
  5. Announcement of the results: 4th of March 2013
  6. Prizes:
    1. First Prize: gift voucher, worth of 200 RON, from the Guttenberg Bookstore
    2. Second Prize: gift voucher, worth of 150 RON, from the Guttenberg Bookstore
    3. Third Prize: gift voucher, worth of 100 RON, from the Guttenberg Bookstore
    4. Special Awards: publications from the Publish House of Miercurea – Ciuc
  7. Usage of the uploaded materials:the uploaded materials will appear on the website only after being approved. The administrator will only check if the material is suitable for the selected category, however he will not take the responsibility for the contents. The participant will need to take full responsibility of the submitted material.

How can I share the content of the website on social media/networks?

The entire website, some virtual tours as well as the gallery of the Local Spirit can be shared on social networks by using the share buttons.

What shall I know about the guestbook?

You can use the guestbook only as a Facebook user. The content of the guestbook originates from the users, and appears without any prior approval. The administrator does not check these comments, and he does not necessarily agree with them.

What shall I do if I have any question, or comment?

In case you found any mistake on the website OR in case something is not working OR you just have a comment…Please contact us here.